You can create a vRealize Automation reservation to allocate provisioning resources in the fabric group to a specific business group.

For example, you can use reservations to specify that a share of the memory, CPU, networking, and storage resources of a single compute resource belongs to a particular business group or that certain machines be allocated to a specific business group.


Storage and memory that are assigned to a provisioned machine by a reservation are released when the machine to which they are assigned is deleted in vRealize Automation by the Destroy action. The storage and memory are not released if the machine is deleted in the vCenter Server.

You can create a reservation for the following machine types:

  • vSphere

  • vCloud Air

  • vCloud Director

  • Amazon EC2

  • Azure

  • Hyper V (SCVMM)

  • Hyper-V Stand-alone

  • KVM (RHEV)

  • OpenStack

  • XenServer

You can configure security settings for the virtual machines to be provisioned by specifying information in a reservation, blueprint, or guest agent script. If the machines to be provisioned requires a guest agent, you must add a security rule that contains that requirement to the reservation or the blueprint. For example, if you use a default security policy that denies communication between all machines, and rely on a separate security policy to allow communication between specific machines, the guest agent might be unable to communicate with vRealize Automation during the customization phase. To avoid this problem during machine provisioning, use a default security policy that allows communication during the customization phase.