You can use vRealize Automation Directories Management features to configure an Active Directory link in accordance with your user authentication requirements.

Directories Management provides many options to support a highly customized user authentication.

Table 1. Choosing Directories Management Configuration Options

Configuration Option


Configure a link to your Active Directory.

  1. Configure a link to your Active Directory. See Configure an Active Directory over LDAP/IWA Link.

  2. If you configured vRealize Automation for high availability, see Configure Directories Management for High Availability.

(Optional) Enhance security of a user ID and password based directory link by configuring bi-directional integration with Active Directory Federated Services.

Configure a Bi Directional Trust Relationship Between vRealize Automation and Active Directory

(Optional) Add users and groups to an existing Active Directory Link .

Add Users or Groups to an Active Directory Connection.

(Optional) Edit the default policy to apply custom rules for an Active Directory link.

Manage the User Access Policy.

(Optional) Configure network ranges to restrict the IP addresses through which users can log in to the system, manage login restrictions (timeout, number of login attempts before lock-out).

Add or Edit a Network Range.