You can define one or more ranges of static IP addresses for use in provisioning a network.

During provisioning, every new routed network allocates the next available range and uses it as its IP space.


  1. Click the Network Ranges tab to create a new network range or select an existing network range.

    Details about the selected range appear, including each name, description, and start and end IP address. Status-related information is also provided.

  2. Click Generate Ranges to generate network ranges based on the subnet mask, range subnet mask, and base IP address information that you entered on the General tab.

    Starting with the base IP address, vRealize Automation generates ranges based on the range subnet mask.

    For example, vRealize Automation generates ranges of 255 IP ranges if the subnet mask is and the range subnet mask is using the name Range1 through Rangen.

  3. Click OK.