vSphere, vCloud Air, and vCloud Director platforms support reconfiguration of existing machines in a deployment to modify specifications such as CPU, memory, and storage.

Reconfiguration requests are subject to approval based on entitlements, policies, and the actions enabled for the machine component in the blueprint.

Reconfiguring a virtual machine that is assigned to an on-demand network is not supported. You cannot reconfigure a NIC that is attached to an on-demand network. If you attempt to reconfigure an on-demand NAT or routed network, the error 'Original network [<network>] is not selected in the machine's reservation. is displayed, the networks on the machine remains intact, and IP addresses on the machine are unchanged.

If you are entitled to the Cancel Reconfigure (Machine) and Execute Reconfigure (Machine) actions, you can cancel a reconfiguration or retry a failed reconfiguration.

Expanding a disk on a VM that was provisioned from a linked clone blueprint is not supported.

You cannot reconfigure machines by using the Size or Image component profiles but the range of CPU, memory, and storage that is calculated based on the profile remains available for reconfigure actions. For example if you used a small (1 CPU, 1024MB memory, and 10 GB storage), medium (3 CPUs, 2048 MB memory, 12 GB storage) and large (5 CPUs, 3072 MB memory, 15 GB storage) Size value set, the available ranges during machine reconfiguration are 1-5 CPUs, 1024-3072 memory, and 1-15 GB storage.

vRealize Automation takes a blueprint snapshot at deployment. If you encounter reconfigure problems when updating machine properties such as CPU and RAM in a deployment, see Knowledge Base article 2150829 vRA 7.x Blueprint Snapshotting.


  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a machine owner, support user, business group user with a shared access role, or business group manager.

  • The machine you want to reconfigure must have the status On or Off with no active reconfigure status.

  • The machine type must be vSphere, vCloud Air, or vCloud Director although the NSX settings apply only to vSphere.

  • Verify that you are entitled to reconfigure a machine.


  1. Select Items > Machines.

    Alternatively you can select Items > Deployment and navigate to the machine in the deployment.

  2. Select the machine to reconfigure.

  3. Select Reconfigure from the Actions menu.
  4. Select the tab appropriate to the settings that you want to reconfigure.
    Table 1. Request Reconfiguration Changes




    Reconfigure CPUs and Memory


    Edit Storage Settings


    Change Network Settings

    To change NAT rules, see Change NAT Rules in a Deployment.


    To reconfigure security settings, see Add or Remove Security Items in a Deployment.


    Change Custom Property and Property Group Settings

What to do next

Execute the Requested Machine Reconfiguration.