You can change the reservation or storage setting for a managed machine. This ability is useful when a machine moves to a new storage path that is not available in its current reservation. For a single machine deployment, you can also change the business group for the machine.

About this task

You can move a machine in a single machine deployment to a different business group if the machine owner is a member of the target business group. You must be a business group manager of the original and the target business group to change the business group setting.

If there is a reservation policy assigned to the machine, you cannot change its business group.

You can create additional reservations for the associated compute resource by using the Administration > Compute Resource menu options.


Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a fabric administrator.


  1. Select Infrastructure > Managed Machines.
  2. Locate the machine with the reservation to change.
  3. Click Change Reservation in the drop-down menu.

    You can view information about the managed machine, such as its associated blueprint and compute resource, by clicking View in the drop-down menu.

  4. (Optional) : Select a business group from the Business group drop-down menu.
  5. (Optional) : Select a reservation from the Reservation drop-down menu.
  6. (Optional) : Select a storage policy from Storage drop-down menu.
  7. Click OK.