If you are using vRealize Automation workflows to execute vRealize Orchestrator workflows that have input or output parameters of type VC:VirtualMachine, verify that you have the vRealize Orchestrator workflows for converting virtual machine types between vRealize Orchestrator and IaaS.

The required workflows are included by default in vRealize Orchestrator 5.5 and later as part of the vCenter plug-in.

If you are using vRealize Orchestrator 5.1, install the vRealize Automation integration package for vRealize Orchestrator. Download the package com.vmware.library.vcenter.vcac-integration.package from thevRealize Orchestrator community site at http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/server/vcenter/orchestrator. Import the package on each vRealize Orchestrator server that you set up as an endpoint in IaaS.

For information about importing packages to vRealize Orchestrator, refer to the vRealize Orchestrator documentation.