As a blueprint architect, you want to allow your users to choose their own machine names when they request your blueprints. So you edit your existing CentOS vSphere blueprint to add the Hostname custom property and configure it to prompt users for a value during their requests.


If your fabric administrator creates a property group that contains the required custom properties and you include it in your blueprint, you do not need to individually add the custom properties to the blueprint.



  1. Select Design > Blueprints.
  2. Point to your Centos on vSphere blueprint and click Edit.
  3. Select the machine component on your canvas to bring up the details tab.
  4. Click the Properties tab.
  5. Click New Property.
  6. Enter Hostname in the Name text box.
  7. Leave the Value text box blank.
  8. Configure vRealize Automation to prompt users for a hostname value during request.
    1. Select Overridable.
    2. Select Show in Request.

    Because host names must be unique, users can only request one machine at a time from this blueprint.

  9. Click the Save icon (Save).
  10. Click OK.


Users who request a machine from your blueprint are required to specify a host name for their machine. vRealize Automation validates that the specified host name is unique.