As the tenant administrator, you use the message board portlet to broadcast a message to all the users who have the portlet on their Home tab.

Any new users that you add to vRealize Automation has the portlet on their Home tab by default. Existing users must add the portlet to receive your messages.

You use the message board portlet to broadcast a text message or a Web page. Depending on the Web page, your users can navigate through the Web site in the message board.

The message board has the following limitations.

Table 1. Message Board Portlet Limitations



URL message limitations

  • You can only publish content that is hosted on an https site.

  • You cannot use self-signed certificates. The option to accept the certificate does not appear in the message board.

  • The message board URL is embedded in an iframe. Some Web sites do not work in iframe and an error appears. One cause of the failure is the X-Frame-Options DENY or SAMEORIGIN in the header on the target Web site. If your target Web site is one that you control, you can set the X-Frame-Options header to X-Frame-Options: ALLOW-FROM https://<vRealizeAutomationApplicanceURL>.

  • Some Web sites have a redirect to a top-level page that might refresh entire vRealize Automation page. This type of Web site does not work in the message board. The refresh is suppressed and a Loading... message appears on the message board.

  • If you display an internal HTML page, the page cannot have the vRealize Automation host as the URL.

Custom message limitations

  • To maintain security, the Custom Message does not support HTML code. For example, you cannot use <href> to link to a Web site. You must use the URL message option.


Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator.


  1. Select the Home tab.
  2. Click the Edit icon (Edit ) in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Add Portlets.
  4. Locate Message Board and click Add.
  5. Click Close.

    The portlet is added to the top of the Home tab. If you are a user and a message is broadcast, you see the message until the tenant administrator changes it or removes it. If you are the tenant administrator, you configure the message.

  6. To configure the message as a tenant administrator, click Add New Message.
  7. Configure one of the following options.




    Enter the page URL.

    Custom Message

    Enter the plain text message.

  8. Click Publish.


The message is broadcast to any tenant users who added the message board portlet to their Home tab.

To change or remove the message, you must be logged in as the tenant administrator. To change the message, repeat the same steps. To remove the message, remove the URL or text and publish the blank message.