As the tenant administrator, you can create approval policies and entitlements. You modify the Dev and QE entitlement to apply the approval policies that you created so that approvals are triggered when a service catalog user requests the item.

While it might be easier to entitle the entire catalog service to your business group, it does not allow you to have the same control and governance as when you create individual entitlements for catalog items. For example, if you entitle users to a service, they can request any catalog items that are in the service and all items that are added to the service in the future. It also means that you can only use very high-level approval policies that apply to every catalog item in the service, such as always requiring approval from a manager. If you choose to entitle catalog items individually, you can create and apply very specific approval policies for each item and tightly control who can request which items in the service. If you choose to entitle the individual components of catalog items individually, you can have even greater control.

If you do not know what approval policies you want to apply to items in an entitlement, you can return later and apply them. In this scenario, you apply different approval policies to two components of the same published application blueprint.


  1. Select Administration > Catalog Management > Entitlements.
  2. Click the Dev and QE Entitlement.
  3. Click the Items and Approvals tab.
  4. Add the CentOS with MySQL machine and apply the approval policy.
    1. Click the Add Items icon (Add) beside the Entitled Items heading.
    2. Select the CentOS with MySQL check box.
    3. Click the Apply this policy to selected items drop-down arrow.

      The CentOS on vSphere CPU and Memory policy is not in the list.

    4. Click Show all and click the down-arrow to view all approval policies.
    5. Select CentOS on vSphere CPU and Memory [Service Catalog - Catalog Item Request - Virtual Machine].

      The vSphere CentOS machine is a machine blueprint in an application blueprint. Review the policy names so that you select the one that is appropriate to your catalog item type. If you apply the wrong policy, the approval policy fails or triggers approval requests based on incorrect conditions.

    6. Click OK.
  5. Add the MySQL for Linux Virtual Machine software component as an item and apply an approval policy to the MySQL item.
    1. Click the Add Catalog Items and Components icon (Add) beside the Entitled Catalog Items and Components heading.
    2. In the Catalog Items and Components drop-down menu, select No.

      Software components are always associated with a machine. They are not available to individually request in the service catalog.

    3. Select the MySQL for Linux Virtual Machines check box.
    4. Click the Apply this policy to selected items drop-down arrow.
    5. Select MySQL tracking approval [Service Catalog - Catalog Item Request - Software Component].

      You do not need the advanced option because the approval policy was created for this specific software component, which is added to a virtual machine.

    6. Click OK.
  6. Add actions that the users can run on the provisioned machine.

    Approval policies are not applied to actions in this scenario.

    1. Click the Add Actions icon (Add) beside the Entitled Actions heading.
    2. Select the following actions.

      Name / Type


      Create Snapshot / Virtual Machine

      Creates a snapshot of the virtual machine, including the installed software. Allows the developers to create snapshots to which they can revert during development.

      Destroy / Deployment

      Destroys the entire provisioned blueprint, not just the machine. Use this action to avoid orphaned components.

      Power Off / Machine

      Turns the virtual machine off.

      Power On / Machine

      Turns the virtual machine on.

      Revert to Snapshot / Virtual Machine

      Reverts to a previously created snapshot.

    3. Click OK.
  7. Click Finish.


This entitlement allows you to require different approvals on different blueprint components.

What to do next

Request the CentOS with MySQL item in the service catalog as a member of the business group to verify that the entitlement and the approvals are behaving as expected.