Software components automate the installation, configuration, and life cycle management of middleware and application deployments in dynamic cloud environments. Applications can range from simple Web applications to complex and even packaged applications.

By using a configurable scriptable engine, software architects fully control how middleware and application deployment components are installed, configured, updated, and uninstalled on machines. Through the use of Software properties, software architects can require or allow blueprint architects and end-users to specify configuration elements such as environment variables. For repeated deployments, these blueprints standardize the structure of the application, including machine blueprints, software components, dependencies, and configurations, but can allow environment variables and property binding to be reconfigured if necessary.

To successfully add software components to the design canvas, you must also have business group member, business group administrator, or tenant administrator role access to the target catalog.

Deploying Any Application and Middleware Service

You can deploy Software components on Windows or Linux operating systems on vSphere, vCloud Director, vCloud Air, and Amazon AWS machines.

  • IaaS architects create reusable machine blueprints based on templates, snapshots, or Amazon machine images that contain the guest agent and Software bootstrap agent to support Software components.

  • Software architects create reusable software components that specify exactly how the software is installed, configured, updated during deployment scale operations, and uninstalled on machines.

  • Software architects, IaaS architects, and application architects use a graphical interface to model application deployment topologies. Architects reconfigure Software properties and bindings as required by the software architect, and publish application blueprints that combine Software components and machine blueprints.

  • Catalog administrators add the published blueprints to a catalog service, and entitle users to request the catalog item.

  • Entitled users request the catalog item and provide any configuration values designed to be editable. vRealize Automation deploys the requested application, provisioning any machine(s), networking and security components, and Software component(s) defined in the application blueprint.

  • Entitled users request the scale in or scale out actions to adjust their deployments to changing workload demands. vRealize Automation installs or uninstalls Software components on machines for scale, and runs update scripts for dependent Software components.

Standardization in Software

With Software, you can create reusable services using standardized configuration properties to meet strict requirements for IT compliance. Software includes the following standardized configuration properties:

  • Model-driven architecture that enables adding IT certified machine blueprints and middleware services within the application blueprint.

  • A delegation model for overriding configuration name value pairs between software architect, application architect, and end user to standardize configuration values for application and middleware service.

Software Extensibility and Open Architecture

You can download predefined Software components for a variety of middleware services and applications from the VMware Solution Exchange. Using either the vRealize CloudClient or vRealize Automation REST API , you can programmatically import predefined Software components into your vRealize Automation instance.