You can upgrade a Directories Management external connector online if you have an appropriate connection.


  • Verify that the connector appliance can resolve and reach on port 80 over HTTP.

  • Confirm that a connector upgrade exists. Run the appropriate command to check for upgrades. See Check for the Availability of a Directories Management Connector Upgrade Online.

  • Verify that at least 2 GB of disk space is available on the primary root partition of the appliance.

  • Verify that the connector is properly configured.

  • Take a snapshot of your connector appliance to back it up. For information about how to take snapshots, see the vSphere documentation.

  • If an HTTP proxy server is required for outbound HTTP access, configure the proxy server settings for the connector appliance. See Configure Proxy Server Settings for the Directories Management Connector Appliance.


  1. Log in to the connector appliance as the root user.
  2. Run the following command.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn updateinstaller
  3. Run the following command to check that on online upgrade exists.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn check
  4. Run the following command to update the appliance.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn update

    Messages that occur during the upgrade are saved to the update.log file at /opt/vmware/var/log/update.log.

  5. Run the updatemgr.hzn check command again to verify that a newer update does not exist.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn check
  6. Check the version of the upgraded appliance.
    vamicli version --appliance

    The new version is displayed.

  7. Restart the connector appliance.