Using your business group manager privileges, you log in to the Rainpole001 machine you provisioned as the test user. You install the guest agent and the Software bootstrap agent on your machine to prepare for Software provisioning. When you finish, take a snapshot of the machine to use as the base for cloning machines to use with Software components.


  1. Select Items > Machines.
  2. Click your CentOS on vSphere item to view item details.
  3. Click Connect to Remote Console from the Actions menu on the right.
  4. Log in to the machine as the root user.
  5. Download the installation script from your vRealize Automation appliance.
    wget  https://vRealize_VA_Hostname_fqdn/software/download/

    If your environment is using self-signed certificates, you might have to use the wget option --no-check-certificate option. For example:

    wget --no-check-certificate https://vRealize_VA_Hostname_fqdn/software/download/
  6. Make the script executable.
    chmod +x
  7. Run the installer script.

    You can run the help command ./ --help for information about non-interactive options and expected values.

  8. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

    You see a confirmation message when the installation is successfully completed. If you see an error message and logs in the console, resolve the errors and run the installer script again.

  9. Return to the vRealize Automation console and create the snapshot.
    1. Click Create Snapshot from the Actions menu on the right and follow the prompts.
    2. Click the Snapshots tab to monitor the process.


You installed the software bootstrap agent and the guest agent so your snapshot can be used as the clone base in blueprints that contain software components.