You selected system properties that you want to add to the approval form and allow the approver to modify the value.

For example, for a virtual machine approval, select CPU if you want to allow the approver to modify a request for 6 CPUs to 4 CPUs.

To select system properties, select Administration > Approval Polices. Click New. Select the policy type and click OK. On the Pre Approval or Post Approval tab, click the New icon (Add Level) and click the System Properties tab.

Table 1. System Properties Options




The list of available system properties depends on the selected request type or catalog item, and whether system properties exist for the item.

Some properties are available only when the blueprint is configured in a particular way. For example, CPUs. The blueprint to which you are applying the approval policy with the CPU system property must be configured as a range. For example, CPU minimum is 2 and the maximum is 8.