vRealize Automation requires the system administrator to identify all hosts using a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). As the vSphere administrator, you configure Domain Name System (DNS) to resolve all vRealize Automation host names in your environment.


vRealize Automation does not allow navigation to hosts that contain the underscore (_) character in the host name.


For each vRealize Automation installation machine, create vCenter Server DNS entries with forward records and reverse lookups using Pointer (PTR) records.

Host Name


Sample Static IP Address

IP Address for Your Environment


Host name of the vRealize Automation appliance you deploy in a later preparation step.


Host name of the Windows IaaS server you create or identify in a later preparation step.

What to do next

You want to create or identify a Windows machine to host your vRealize Automation IaaS components and verify that your machine meets the minimum requirements.