Using your IaaS administrator privileges, you create a fabric group that contains the compute resources discovered when you created the vSphere endpoint. Assign your custom group of vRealize Automation architects and developers to the fabric administrator role for this group.

You do not need to create a vSphere endpoint, because you already created one when you requested the initial content catalog item.


  1. Select Infrastructure > Fabric Groups.
  2. Click the New icon (Add).
  3. Enter Rainpole fabric in the Name text box.
  4. Search for Rainpole architects in the Fabric administrators search box and select your custom group.
  5. Select the compute resource from your vSphere environment to include in your fabric group.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Refresh your browser to view the new menu options available to you as a fabric administrator.

What to do next

Using your fabric administrator privileges, you create a machine prefix for your Rainpole architects to use so any machines they provision during development and testing are easily identified.