Use the Login Screen Branding page to apply custom branding to your vRealize Automation tenant login pages.

You can use default vRealize Automation branding on your tenant login pages, or you can configure custom branding using the Login Screen Branding page. Note that custom branding applies in the same manner to all of your tenant applications.

This page enables you to configure branding on all tenant login pages.

The Login Screen Branding page displays the currently implemented tenant login branding in the Preview pane.


After saving new tenant login page branding, there may be a delay of up to five minutes before it becomes visible on all login pages.


To use a custom logo or other image with your branding, you must have the appropriate files available.


  1. Log in to vRealize Automation as a system or tenant administrator.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. Select the desired visual effects using the check boxes under the Effects heading.

    All effects are optional.

  4. Select Branding > Login Screen Branding
  5. Click Upload beneath the Logo field, then navigate to the appropriate folder and select a logo image file.
  6. If desired, click Upload beneath the Image (optional) field, then navigate to the appropriate folder and select an additional image file.
  7. If desired, enter the appropriate hex codes in the Background color, Masthead color, Login button background color and Login button foreground color fields.

    Search the internet for a list of hex color codes if needed.

  8. Click Save to apply your settings.


Tenant users see the custom branding on their login pages.