If a failed blueprint deployment includes a vRealize Orchestrator workflow, you can use the token ID to troubleshoot problems with the workflow. You use the token ID to locate the logs in vRealize Orchestrator.


  1. Locate the token ID for the failed workflow.
    1. In vRealize Automation, click the Request tab.
    2. Click the number in the Request column.

      The request can be a deployment or an action.

    3. Click the General tab.

      If the blueprint is based on a vRealize Orchestrator workflow, the page title is vRealize Orchestrator Workflow Execution Details.

    4. Locate the Token ID and copy it to your clipboard or a text file.

      For example, ff8080815a685352015a6c8d450801ee.

  2. Locate the workflow logs in vRealize Orchestrator using the Control Center
    1. Enter the base URL for vRealize Automation in a browser search box.

      The VMware vRealize Automation Appliance page appears.

    2. Click vRealize Orchestrator Control Center.
    3. Log in as a user with root privileges.
    4. Click Inspect Workflows.
    5. Click Finished Workflows.
    6. Paste the workflow token in the Token ID text box.

      The list displays on the workflow that matches the token ID.

    7. Click the row and inspect the logs for the cause of the failure.