With the XaaS, XaaS architects can create XaaS blueprints and resource action, and publish them as catalog items.

With XaaS, you can provide anything as a service using the capabilities of VMware vRealize ™ Orchestrator ™. For example, you can create a blueprint that allows a user to request a backup of a database. After completing and submitting a backup request, the user receives a backup file of the database they specified.

An XaaS architect can create custom resource types mapped to vRealize Orchestrator object types and define them as items to be provisioned. A XaaS architect can then create blueprints from vRealize Orchestrator workflows and publish the blueprints as catalog items. The vRealize Orchestrator workflows can be either predefined or independently developed by workflow developers.

You can also use the XaaS to design additional actions that the consumer can perform on the provisioned items. These additional actions are connected to vRealize Orchestrator workflows and take the provisioned item as input to the workflow. To use this function for items provisioned by sources other than the XaaS, you must create resource mappings to define their resource types in vRealize Orchestrator.

For more information about vRealize Orchestrator and its capabilities, see the vRealize Orchestrator documentation.