Imports one or more virtual machines to a target vRealize Automation deployment.


CloudUtil.exe Machine-BulkRegisterImport [-b|--batch][-d|--delay <value>] -f|--filename <value> [-i|--ignore] [-h|--humanreadable] -n|--name <value> [--repository <value>] [-s|--skipUser] -t|--time <value> -u|--user <value> [-v|--verbose] [-w|--whatIf]

Machine-BulkRegisterImport Arguments

Table 1.



-b | - -batch

(Optional) Batch size.

-d | - -delay

(Optional) Specify processing delay time in this format: hh:mm:ss, for example, 02:20:10.

-f | - -filename

Specify the CSV data file name containing the list of machine names. For example, filename.csv.

-h | --humanreadable

(Optional) Input file contains the virtual machine names and not the GUIDs.

-i | - -ignore

(Optional) Ignore registered or managed virtual machines.

-n | - -name

Specify the name of the work queue to perform the import to the target vRealize Automation.

- -repository

(Optional) The root URI of the Model Manager, for example, http://hostname/repository. Default is specified in the CloudUtil config file in the repositoryAddress key under the <appSettings> section.

-s | - -skipUser

(Optional) Sets a machine's owner to the value listed in the Owner column of the CSV data file without verifying that the user exists. Selecting this option can decrease the time required for import.

-t | - -time

Specify the workflow start time in the format MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm GMT, for example, 04/18/2014 10:01 GMT. The specified start time is assumed to be the server's local time and not the local time of the user's workstation.

-u | - -user

Specify the Fabric Administrator who performs the bulk registration.

-v | - -verbose

(Optional) If an error occurs, outputs a stack trace instead of just the exception message.


(Optional) Set to validate the CSV file but do not import any virtual machines.