Using your IaaS, software, or application architect privileges, drag the published CentOS for Software Testing machine blueprint onto your canvas to reuse that blueprint as your machine. You drag your published software component onto the virtual machine and configure the Software properties you specified in the Software component.

To successfully add software components to the design canvas, you must also have business group member, business group administrator, or tenant administrator role access to the target catalog.


  1. Click Blueprints in the Categories list.
  2. Drag CentOS for Software Testing onto the design canvas.
  3. Click Software Components in the Categories list.
  4. Drag MySQL for Linux Virtual Machines to the vSphere machine.
  5. Click the Properties tab.
  6. Update the db_port property for this blueprint.
    1. Select the db_port property and click Edit.
    2. Enter 3308 in the Value text box.

      When a service catalog user requests the item, 3308 is the default value.

    3. Click OK.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. Select the row that contains CentOS with MySQL and click Publish.


You published a blueprint that includes the CentOS machine and MySQL software component.

What to do next

Add your new blueprint to the Rainpole service as a catalog item so you can provision a machine with MySQL and test the functionality. See Scenario: Add Your CentOS with MySQL Catalog Item to the Rainpole Service.