You add a custom property definition to retrieve reservation policy names that are applicable to the requesting users when they select the policy in the request form. The reservation policy selector custom property definition uses a vRealize Orchestrator action to retrieve the values.


Plan for the following limitations when you use the reservation policy selector custom property.

  • The name of the custom property must be ReservationPolicyID. This name is required. You cannot create multiple property definitions for the reservation policy selector.

  • The action retrieves all reservation policies applicable to the requesting user without validating that it applies to the target endpoint, for example a vCenter Server instance or some other platform. A service catalog user might select a reservation that is not applicable to the selected blueprint target system. If the user selects the wrong reservation, the catalog request fails.

  • The action retrieves reservation policies for the requesting user only. If you submit a request on behalf of another user, the reservation policies are for you. For example, Reservation 1 and Reservation 3 are associated with Business Group 1, so the BG 1 users see only Reservations 1 and 3, not 2.


If you use an external vRealize Orchestrator server, verity that it is set up correctly. See Configure an External vRealize Orchestrator Server.

Custom Property Configuration Values

You use these options to create the custom property. For the general steps, see Create a vRealize Orchestrator Action Custom Property Definition.

Table 1. Reservation Policy Custom Property Configuration Values




You must use ReservationPolicyID.

Data type


Display as




Action folder


Script action


This script action is an example script. You can create specific actions for your environment.

Input parameters

No required parameters.

Blueprint Configuration

To add the custom property to the blueprint Properties tab, see Add a Custom Property or Property Group as a Blueprint Machine Property.