Create an Azure reservation for a specific business group to grant users in that group the ability to request Azure virtual machines on a specified compute resource.

If your deployment supports single sign-on through a VPN tunnel, you can configure support for this functionality with Azure virtual machines using the settings on the Properties tab.


Ignore the Alerts tab when creating an Azure reservation as it does not apply. After you create a reservation, you cannot change the business group associations. Also, unlike other machine types, there is no direct link between an Azure reservation and a blueprint.

You can control the display of reservations when adding, editing, or deleting by using the Filter By Category option on the Reservations page. Note that test agent reservations do not appear in the reservations list when filtering by category.


  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a fabric administrator.

  • Verify that a tenant administrator created at least one business group.

    See Create a Business Group.

  • Configure network profile information.

    See Creating a Network Profile.

  • Verify that you have access to any required Azure resources.

  • Verify that any required key pairs exist. See Managing Key Pairs.

  • Obtain a valid Azure Subscription ID, and this ID must match the one used with the applicable Azure endpoint. If you use multiple Azure subscriptions, you must create a reservation for each subscription.

  • f your deployment supports single sign-on through a VPN tunnel, you must configure the appropriate VPC connectivity before creating a reservation. See Configure Network-to-Azure VPC Connectivity.