If you experience problems with workload placement, use the troubleshooting information to resolve them.

The vRealize Automation Solution Is Required for Workload Placement to Operate Properly

Workload placement is based on individual machines, and placement is done at the machine level. When vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations Manager are installed together, the vRealize Automation Solution must also be installed.

The solution, which includes the management pack and adapter, identifies the clusters on which the rebalance container or move VM actions are disabled. The rebalance action is disabled on the custom data center to which the cluster belongs.

  • For unmanaged vRealize Automation clusters that belong to a custom data center that does not have any managed vRealize Automation clusters, the move VM and rebalance container actions are enabled. For managed vRealize Automation clusters, these actions are disabled.

  • In vRealize Operations Manager, the vRealize Automation Adapter causes VMs on clusters that map reservations not to be available for move or rebalance.


The vRealize Automation solution must only be installed on a single vRealize Operations Manager instance.

High Availability Is Enabled, but Must Be Disabled

When HA is enabled, if vRealize Operations Manager is down, the timeout used for workload placement to call vRealize Operations Manager might fail.

vRealize Automation logs workload placement errors in the catalina.out log file.

vSphere Endpoints in vRealize Automation Are Not Monitored

vRealize Operations Manager is not monitoring the vSphere vCenter Server instance that contains the reservation clusters.

If vRealize Operations Manager does not recognize the vRealize Automation candidate reservations for a cluster, datastore, or datastore cluster when it attempts to place them, it ignores them. In the placement response, vRealize Operations Manager communicates to vRealize Automation that it does not recognize them.

As a result, in the placement details on the request execution, vRealize Automation displays a warning icon on the candidate reservation to indicate that it is unrecognized.

When Mismatches Occur, vRealize Automation Appears at the Top of the List

vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations Manager manage different views of the infrastructure. But they must both manage the same instances of vCenter Server in the same infrastructure.

Must identify disconnects and mismatches, and display details.

What to Do If the vRealize Automation Adapter Is Down

The initial placement always honors the list of destination candidates that it receives from vRealize Operations Manager, such as when a user adds a cluster immediately after installation.

If the vRealize Automation solution, which includes the management pack and adapter, is not available in the vRealize Operations Manager, the move VM and rebalance container actions are available.