An action is a change or workflow that can run on provisioned items. You can add an icon or view the entitlements that include the selected action.

An action is either a built-in action for a provisioned machine, network, and other blueprint components, or it is a published XaaS action.

For the icon, the supported image file types are GIF, JPG, and PNG. The displayed image is 40 x 40 pixels. If you do not select a custom image, the default action icon appears on the Items tab.



  1. Select Administration > Catalog Management > Actions.
  2. Select the shared action and click View Details.
  3. Browse for an image.
  4. To view the entitlements where the action is made available to users, click the Entitlements tab.
  5. Click Update.

What to do next

Entitle Users to Services, Catalog Items, and Actions.