You can connect remotely to a machine from the vRealize Automation console.


  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a machine owner, tenant administrator, or business group manager.

  • Verify that VMware Tools is installed.

    VMware Tools must be installed on your vRealize Automation client to support fully functioning access when connecting with VMware Remote Console. If VMware Tools is not installed, problems occur, such as the mouse pointer and mouse keys not working after connecting to the target machine. For information about supported VMware Tools versions, see vRealize Automation Support Matrix.

  • Verify that the provisioned machine is powered on.


  1. Select Items > Deployment.
  2. Click Actions in the machine name row or select the machine and click Actions on its machine page.
  3. Select the remote connection method.
    • Select Connect Using RDP to connect by using RDP.

    • Select Connect to remote console to connect by using VMware Remote Console.

    Respond to any prompts.

  4. Click Connect and log in to the machine as directed.
  5. When finished, log out and close the browser window.