A list of vRealize Automation custom properties that begin with the letter N.

Table 1. Custom Properties N Table




Specifies the allowed NSX edge appliance size types for the provisioned machine or deployment. The options are:

  • compact

    For small deployments, POCs, and single service use.

    • CPU = 1

    • RAM = 512 MB

    • Disk = 512 MB

  • large

    For small to medium or multi-tenant deployments.

    • CPU = 2

    • RAM = 1 GB

    • Disk = 512 MB

  • quadlarge

    For high throughput equal-cost multi-path routing (ECMP) or high performance firewall deployments.

    • CPU = 4

    • RAM = 1 GB

    • Disk = 512 MB

  • xlarge

    For L7 load balancing and dedicated core deployments.

    • CPU = 6

    • RAM = 8 GB

    • Disk = 4.5GB (4GB Swap)

For related information, see System Requirements for NSX.


When set to true (NSX.Edge.HighAvailability=true), enables high availability (HA) mode on the NSX edge machine that is deployed from the blueprint.

When used with NSX.Edge.HighAvailability.PortGroup=port_group_name, this property allows you to configure an NSX edge during blueprint authoring.

You can add this property to an NSX load balancer component in the vRealize Automation blueprint or to the vRealize Automation blueprint itself.

Must be used in conjunction with NSX.Edge.HighAvailability.PortGroup= port_group_name.


Creates an internal interface or internal vNIC attached to the specified port group name, for example NSX.Edge.HighAvailability.PortGroup=VM Network where VM Network is an HA (high availability) distributed (vLAN-backed) or NSX logical switch port group. NSX HA mode requires at least one internal network interface, or vNIC.

When used with NSX.Edge.HighAvailability=true, this property allows you to configure high availability (HA) an NSX edge during blueprint authoring.

When using one arm load balancer with HA enabled, you must specify a separate port group for the HA.


The specified port group network cannot be a member of the reservation pool, as the property's use of the port group conflicts with the normal deployment's use of the port group, resulting in the following error:

Portgroup must be unique within an

Must be used in conjunction with NSX.Edge.HighAvailability=true.


When set to true, the NSX validation that checks for the following conditions is disabled:

  • All on-demand NAT networks on the blueprint source the same external network.

  • All on-demand routed networks on the blueprint that use the load balancer VIP source the same external network.

  • All on-demand load balancer components on the blueprint have VIPs on the same external network or on-demand networks backed by the same external network.

Disabling this validation check can result in a deployment that succeeds but in which some network components might be inaccessible.

If not present or if set to false, the validation check is enabled (default).

A single NSX edge can only support one external network as its uplink network. Multiple IPs from the same external network are supported. While a blueprint can contain any number of external or on-demand network components, NSX only supports one external network as the uplink network.

This property can only be specified at the blueprint level. It cannot be specified on a component in the blueprint canvas.