The subscription details determine how the subscription is processed.

To manage your workflow subscriptions, select Administration > Events > Subscriptions. Click New.

The options vary depending on the type of event topic.

Table 1. Details Tab Options




By default, the displayed name is the name of the selected workflow.

This name is displayed in the subscription list. The name must be unique in the tenant.


The order in which the blocking subscriptions run.

Zero is the highest priority. If an event topic has multiple blocking workflow subscriptions with the same priority, the subscriptions are then processed in alphabetical order based on the subscription name.

This option is only available for blocking workflow subscriptions.

Timeout (min)

Specify the number of minutes the workflow has to finish before it is considered failed.

If the workflow fails to finish in the specified amount of time, the workflow is canceled and the message is sent to the next subscription in the priority list.

If you do not provide a value, the timeout is unlimited.

Services that expect a reply, to blocking or replyable events, might have their own default timeout values. For example, IaaS provisioning and life cycle event topics time out at 30 minutes. This value is configured on the IaaS server. Approval topics have a 24 hour default value. This value is configured on the system.


By default, the displayed description is the workflow description.


Determines if the workflow can block subsequent workflows for the same event topic from receiving an event message while waiting for a reply.

Subscriptions with blocking enabled receive messages before subscriptions that are not configured as blocking for the same event topic, based on priority order. When the workflow is finished, a message is sent to the next prioritized blocking subscription. After all blocking subscriptions have processed, the message is sent to all non-blocking subscriptions simultaneously.

The blocking option is available only if the event topic is blockable. This information is provided on the Event Topic tab.

The blocking eligibility is indicated on the Event Topic tab.

  • If you do not select the check box, the event broker does not block subsequent workflows.

  • If you select check box, the event broker calculates which workflow subscriptions are eligible for this event based on the configured conditions and runs the workflows in priority order. The event broker waits for a response from each workflow before running the next one. All the changed parameters from the running of the current workflow are passed to the next one in the queue.

    While waiting for a response, no other workflows are notified of the event until the consuming system responds.

You cannot modify this option after the workflow subscription is published.