If you have an NSX instance integrated with vRealize Automation, you can configure your vSphere blueprints to leverage NSX for network and security virtualization.

If you have configured vRealize Automation integration with NSX, you can use network, security, and load balancer components in the design canvas to configure your blueprint for machine provisioning. You can also add the following NSX network and security settings to the overall blueprint when you create a new blueprint or edit an existing blueprint.

  • Transport zone - contains the networks used for the provisioned machine deployment

  • Edge and routed gateway reservation policy - manages network communication for the provisioned machine deployment

  • App isolation - allows only internal traffic between machines used in the provisioned machine deployment

For additional information about vRealize Automation and NSX integration and the use of the NSX network and security components in the vRealize Automation blueprint, see this vRA and NSX - Intro to Network and Security Automation blog article.

NSX settings are only applicable to vSphere machine component types.