vRealize Orchestrator is an automation and management engine that extends vRealize Automation to support XaaS and other extensibility. You can configure and use the vRealize Orchestrator server that is preconfigured in the vRealize Automation appliance, or you can deployvRealize Orchestrator as an external server instance and associate that external instance with vRealize Automation.

vRealize Orchestrator allows administrators and architects to develop complex automation tasks by using the workflow designer, and then access and run the workflows from vRealize Automation.

vRealize Orchestrator can access and control external technologies and applications by using vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins.

Configuring vRealize Automation to use vRealize Orchestrator makes it possible to publish Orchestrator workflows in the vRealize Orchestrator service catalog as part of the XaaS blueprint management.

If you want to run Orchestrator workflows to extend the management of IaaS machines, you must configure vRealize Orchestrator as an endpoint.

Configuration Privileges

System and tenant administrators can configure vRealize Automation to use an external or the embedded vRealize Orchestrator server.

In addition, system administrators can also determine the workflow folders that are available to each tenant.

Tenant administrators can configure the vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins as endpoints.


vRealize Orchestrator-Related Configuration Privileges

System administrators

  • Configure the vRealize Orchestrator server for all tenants.

  • Define the default vRealize Orchestrator workflow folders per tenant.

Tenant administrators

  • Configure the vRealize Orchestrator server for their own tenant.

  • Add vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins as endpoints.