A catalog item is a published blueprint that you can entitle to users. You use the catalog items options to change the status or associated service. You can also view the entitlements that include the selected catalog item.

Only catalog items that are associated with a service and entitled to users appear in the service catalog. Catalog items can be associated with only one service.

If you do not want a catalog item to appear in the service catalog without removing it from an entitlement or from the published catalog items list, you can deactivate it. The status of a deactivated catalog item is retired in the grid and inactive in the configuration details. You can activate it later.


  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator or catalog administrator.

  • Verify that you have at least one blueprint published as a catalog item. See Publish a Blueprint.


  1. Select Administration > Catalog Management > Catalog Items.
  2. Select the catalog item and click Configure.
  3. Configure the catalog item settings.




    Browse for an image. The supported image file types are GIF, JPG, and PNG. The displayed image is 40 x 40 pixels. If you do not select a custom image, the default catalog icon appears in the service catalog.


    Possible values include Active, Inactive, and Staging.

    • Active. The catalog item appears in the service catalog and entitled users can use it to provision resources. The item appears in the catalog item list as published.

    • Inactive. The catalog item is not available in the service catalog. The item appears in the catalog item list as retired.

    • Staging. The catalog item is not available in the service catalog. Select this menu item if the item was once inactive and you are using staging to indicate that you are considering reactivating it. Appears in the catalog item list as staging.


    Select a service. All catalog items must be associated with a service if you want it to appear in the service catalog for entitled users. The list includes active and inactive services.

    New and noteworthy

    The catalog item appears in the New & Noteworthy area on the home page.

  4. To view the entitlements where the catalog item is made available to users, click the Entitlements tab.
  5. Click Update.

What to do next

  • To make the catalog item available in the service catalog, you must entitle users to the service associated with the item or to the individual item. See Creating Entitlements.

  • To specify the entitlements processing order so that the approval policies for individual users are applied correctly, set the priority order for multiple entitlements for the same business group. See Prioritize Entitlements.