Xenon service information is accessible in the vRealize Automation vRealize Automation appliance (vRA Settings > Xenon.

It contains information about the Xenon host VM, listening port, and service status. It also displays information about clustered Xenon nodes.

You can manage the Xenon Linux service with the following CLI commands in the vRealize Automation appliance.



service xenon-service status

Shows the status of the service as either running or stopped.

service xenon-service start

Starts the service.

service xenon-service stop

Stops the service.

service xenon-service restart

Restarts the service.

service xenon-service get_host

Shows the hostname on which the service is running.

service xenon-service get_port

Shows the service port.

service xenon-service status_cluster

Shows information about all clustered nodes in JSON format.

service xenon-service reset

Deletes the directory where Xenon keeps all configuration files and restarts the service.