You must configure your external connection for use with your vRealize Automation Active Directory and domain.


Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a tenant administrator.


  1. Select Administration > Directories Management > Connectors.
  2. Select the Desired connector in the Worker column.

    The selected worker is shown in the Worker Name text box on the Connector Detail tab and connector type information appears in the Connector Type text box.

  3. Ensure that the connector is linked to the desired Active Directory by specifying that Directory in the Associated Directory text box.
  4. Enter the appropriate domain name in the Associated Domains text box.
  5. Select the AuthAdapters tab and enable CertificateAuthAdapter.
  6. Configure certificate authentication as appropriate for your deployment.
  7. Select Administration > Directories Management > Policies.
  8. Click Edit Default Policy.
  9. Add Certificate to the policy rules and make it the first authentication method.

    Certificate must be the first authentication method listed in the policy rule, otherwise certificate authentication fails.