You can collect logs for all nodes that are clustered in a distributed deployment from the vRealize Automation appliance management console.

You can also view information for each host in your deployment. The Cluster tab on the vRealize Automation management console includes a Distributed Deployment Information table that displays the following information:

  • A list of all nodes in your deployment

  • The host name for the node. The host name is given as a fully qualified domain name.

  • The time since the host last replied to the management console. Nodes for IaaS components report availability every three minutes and nodes for virtual appliances report every nine minutes.

  • The vRealize Automation component type. Identifies whether the node is a virtual appliance or an IaaS server.

Figure 1. Distributed Deployment Information table
table showing nodes in deployment

You can use this table to monitor activity in your deployment. For example, if the Last Connected column indicates a host has not connected recently, that can be an indication of a problem with the host server.

Log Collection

You can create a zip file that contains log files for all hosts in your deployment. For more information, see Collect Logs for Clusters and Distributed Deployments.

Removing Nodes from the Table

When you remove a host from your deployment, remove the corresponding node from the Distributed Deployment Information table to optimize log collection times.