You can specify a reservation policy to manage the network communications for machines provisioned by the blueprint. When requesting machine provisioning, the reservation policy is used to group the reservations that can be considered for the deployment. The routed gateway reservation policy is also referred to as an edge reservation policy.

Networking information is contained in each reservation. When the machines are provisioned, an edge or routed gateway is allocated as the network router to manage network communications for the provisioned machines in the deployment. You can add or edit blueprint-level properties by using the blueprint properties page.

A routed gateway reservation policy is optional. It controls which reservation or reservations can be used to provision the NSX edge associated to on-demand networking and on-demand load balancer components specified in the blueprint.

You use reservation policies to control the selection of reservations. You select a reservation policy in your virtual machine definition in the blueprint and then assign that policy to the reservations that you want your virtual machines to use.

You cannot share reservations among multiple business groups.

vRealize Automation provisions a routed gateway, for example an edge services gateway (ESG), for NAT networks and for load balancers. For routed networks, vRealize Automation uses existing distributed routers.

A NAT network profile and load balancer enable vRealize Automation to deploy an NSX edge services gateway. A routed network profile uses an NSX logical distributed router (DLR). The DLR must be created in NSX before it can be consumed by vRealize Automation. vRealize Automation cannot create DLRs. After data collection, vRealize Automation can use the DLR for virtual machine provisioning.

The reservation used to provision the edge or routed gateway determines the external network used for NAT and routed network profiles, as well as the load balancer virtual IP addresses.

When you use the blueprint to provision a machine deployment, vRealize Automation attempts to use only the reservations associated with the specified reservation policy to provision the edge or routed gateway.