Using your default system administrator privileges, you assign your custom group to the IaaS administrator role to allow the group to configure IaaS resources.


  1. Log out of the vRealize Automation console.
  2. Select the vsphere.local domain and click Next.
  3. Enter the default system administrator username, administrator, and password, vmware.
  4. Select Administration > Tenants.
  5. Click the default tenant name vsphere.local.
  6. Click the Administrators tab.
  7. Search for Rainpole architects in the IaaS administrators search box and select your custom group.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Log out of the console.


Any member of your custom group can now manage cloud, virtual, networking, and storage infrastructure for all tenants in your vRealize Automation instance. You can update membership of the group at any time to grant or revoke these privileges.

What to do next

Using the IaaS administrator privileges you granted your custom group, you can configure your IaaS resources. See Scenario: Configure IaaS Resources for Rainpole.