You must add a host to deploy containers.

When you add or create hosts in Containers, you can click one of the four panels on the right to expand toolbars with additional options. You can add or manage placement zones, credentials, certificates, and deployment policies.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a container administrator.
  2. Click the Containers tab.
  3. Click Add a Host.
  4. Enter your host IP address or host name using the format http(s)://<hostname>:<port>.
  5. In Host type select whether you entered the address of a Docker host or a virtual container host (VCH).
  6. Select your login credentials from the list.

    Containers supports credentials authentication and public-private key authentication.

  7. Click Verify to confirm that the configured parameters are valid.

    If the verification is successful, new text boxes appear for you to add additional information.

  8. (Optional) Select a placement zone from the list.

    If you are configuring a VCH, the placement zone and placement are automatically created and connected to the host.

  9. (Optional) Select a deployment policy from the list.
  10. (Optional) Define custom properties for the host.
  11. Click Add.


You successfully added a host to Containers.

What to do next

Create and Manage Container Placements and Placement Zones