You can customize a menu operation workflow by using vRealize Automation Designer and the CloudUtil command-line utility. A blueprint author can then enable it for specific blueprints.

The following is a high-level overview of the steps required to enable menu operation workflows:

  1. A workflow developer customizes one of the menu operation workflow templates by using vRealize Automation Designer. See Customize an IaaS Workflow.

    Any IaaS workflow can call a vRealize Orchestrator workflow. For more information, see Using vRealize Orchestrator Workflow Activities.

  2. A workflow developer configures the menu operation in the Model Manager. See Configure a Menu Operation.

  3. A workflow developer registers the new menu operation with the service catalog. See Register New Menu Operations with the Service Catalog.

  4. A tenant administrator or business group manager configures a blueprint to enable the menu operation for machines provisioned from that blueprint. See Configure a Blueprint to Enable a Menu Operation Workflow.

If the menu operation is intended to be used in the service catalog, it must also be entitled to users. For more information, see Tenant Administration.