As the vSphere administrator, you run the Prerequisite Checker to verify that the IaaS machine vra01iaas.rainpole.local is configured correctly for a vRealize Automation installation.


  1. Confirm that your Windows IaaS server, vra01iaas.rainpole.local, appears in the IaaS Host Name column on the Installation Prerequisites page of the installation wizard.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click Run to start the Prerequisite Checker.
  4. If you see a warning, you can get more information about the error or choose to automatically correct the error.
    • Click Show Details for information about the error and instructions for solving the problem.

    • Click Fix to automatically fix the error. This also restarts the Windows machine as needed.

  5. Click Run to verify your corrections.
  6. Click Next when all errors are resolved.


The IaaS machine, vra01iaas.rainpole.local, meets installation requirements.

What to do next

Specify deployment configuration parameters for your vRealize Automation appliance and IaaS components.