You must prepare a reference machine and convert it to a template for cloning before you can add software installation by HP Server Automation to provisioning by cloning.


  1. Add the HP Server Automation agent installation package to the cloning template.
  2. Copy the HP Server Automation agent installer to the C:\ directory of the reference machine.
  3. Add the customization required to invoke the agent after provisioning, by adding following line to the Run Once section of the customization specification.
    C:\opswareagentinstaller --opsw_gw_addr opswareipaddress:3001 -s --force_sw_reg 

    This customization also installs the agent on each cloned machine.

  4. Replace opswareagentinstaller with the name of the HP Server Automation agent installer executable.
  5. Replace opswareipaddress with the IP address of the server that is hosting the HP Server Automation instance that installs the software.

    For example:

    C:\ opsware-agent- --opsw_gw_addr -s --force_sw_reg --force_full_hw_reg

What to do next