You can force destroy a deployment that is in an inconsistent state as the result of a failed destroy request.

When vRealize Automation fails to destroy a deployment resource during a destroy deployment operation, the destroy operation stops immediately without destroying the remaining deployment resources. This failure leaves the deployment in an inconsistent state, using up resources with no obvious way of destroying the deployment. Business group administrators can force destroy deployments that are left in this inconsistent state.


Verify that you are logged in to vRealize Automation as a business group administrator.


  1. On the Items tab, click Deployments and select the deployment to destroy.
  2. Click Actions and click Destroy.
  3. Enter a description for and reason for the request.
  4. Select Force destroy and click Submit.


vRealize Automation attempts to fully destroy the deployment, including all resources in the deployment. If vRealize Automation is unable to destroy a deployment resource, it skips that resource and continues to destroy the remaining resources in the deployment.

What to do next

Click the Requests tab and verify that all resources in the deployment have been successfully destroyed. Any resources not destroyed during a force destroy operation must be manually destroyed. Also ensure that any provisioned virtual machine objects are destroyed, as vRealize Automation may attempt to reuse their hostnames, IP addresses, and other configuration details during subsequent provisioning operations.