You can use the placement policy to have vRealize Automation determine where to place machines when you deploy new blueprints. The placement policy uses the analytics of vRealize Operations Manager to identify workloads on your clusters so that it can suggest placement destinations.

You must perform several steps before you can use the placement policy. In vRealize Automation, you create endpoints for the vRealize Operations Manager and vCenter Server instances. Then, you create a fabric group, and add reservations to your vCenter Server endpoint.

To ensure that vRealize Operations Manager provides workload placement analytics to vRealize Automation, you must:

  • Install the vRealize Automation Solution in the vRealize Operations Manager instance that is being used for workload placement.

  • Configure vRealize Operations Manager to monitor the vCenter Server.

To configure vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations Manager for workload placement, see Configuring Workload Placement.

Locating the Placement Policy

In your vRealize Automation instance, select Infrastructure > Reservations > Placement Policy.

To use the workload placement analytics that vRealize Operations Manager provides, select Use vRealize Operations Manager for placement recommendations

If you do not use the workload placement policy, vRealize Automation uses default placement method.