With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you can rapidly model and provision servers and desktops across virtual and physical, private and public, or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Modeling is accomplished by creating a machine blueprint, which is a specification for a machine. Blueprints are published as catalog items in the common service catalog, and are available for reuse as components inside of application blueprints. When an entitled user requests a machine based on one of these blueprints, IaaS provisions the machine.

With IaaS, you can manage the machine life cycle from a user request and administrative approval through decommissioning and resource reclamation. Built-in configuration and extensibility features also make IaaS a highly flexible means of customizing machine configurations and integrating machine provisioning and management with other enterprise-critical systems such as load balancers, configuration management databases (CMDBs), ticketing systems, IP address management systems, or Domain Name System (DNS) servers.