As the vSphere administrator, you prepare your vSphere environment to install a minimal deployment of vRealize Automation.

You are on step one of four in the workflow for installing vRealize Automation for Rainpole.

Before you begin the installation, you create worksheets to record important environment variables and settings for later reference. You ready your environment for the Rainpole installation by creating vSphere credentials and DNS entries. Then you prepare two virtual machines, a windows server to host the vRealize Automation IaaS components, and a vRealize Automation appliance that you deploy from an OVF file.

A vRealize Automation Rainpole Deployment contains two machines, the Windows server where all IaaS components are installed, and the vRealize Automation Appliance.


Verify that you have administrative access to a working vSphere environment, including access to a vSphere client and vSphere Web client.