Each Amazon Web Services account is represented by a cloud endpoint. When you create an Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing endpoint in vRealize Automation, regions are collected as compute resources. After the IaaS administrator selects compute resources for a business group, inventory and state data collections occur automatically.

Inventory data collection, which occurs automatically once a day, collects data about what is on a compute resource, such as the following data:

  • Elastic IP addresses

  • Elastic load balancers

  • Elastic block storage volumes

State data collection occurs automatically every 15 minutes by default. It gathers information about the state of managed instances, which are instances that vRealize Automation creates. The following are examples of state data:

  • Windows passwords

  • State of machines in load balancers

  • Elastic IP addresses

A fabric administrator can initiate inventory and state data collection and disable or change the frequency of inventory and state data collection.