Using your tenant administrator privileges, you create a custom group for members of your IT organization who need highly privileged access to vRealize Automation. You assign roles to this custom group as you configure vRealize Automation.

If you want to add or disable this high-level access for users, you can change the membership of the group instead of editing settings for each user in multiple locations.


  1. Select Administration > Users & Groups > Custom Groups.
  2. Click the New icon (Add).
  3. Enter Rainpole architects in the Name text box.
  4. Select roles from the Add Roles to this Group list.

    You cannot assign IaaS administrator, fabric administrator, business group manager, or business user roles on this page. You assign those roles while you configure vRealize Automation.



    Tenant administrator

    Responsible for user and group management, tenant branding and notifications, and business policies such as approvals and entitlements. They also track resource usage by all users within the tenant and initiate reclamation requests for virtual machines.

    Infrastructure (IaaS) architect

    Create and manage machine blueprints and application blueprints.

    XaaS architect

    For Advanced and Enterprise licensed users, create and manage XaaS blueprints.

    Software architect

    For Enterprise licensed users, create and manage software components and application blueprints.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Search for corporate active directory users and select users to add to your custom group.

    You assign yourself and anyone who needs an extremely high level of access to your vRealize Automation development environment to this group.

  7. Click Finish.


You granted your custom group the rights to manage the default tenant, create blueprints, and manage the service catalog. As you configure vRealize Automation, you add permissions and roles to your custom group.

What to do next

Assign your custom group to the IaaS administrator role.