You may need to allocate additional memory to Directories Management if you have Active Directory connections that contain a large number of users or groups.

By default, 4 GB of memory is allocated to the Directories Management service. This is sufficient for many small to medium sized deployments. If you have an Active Directory connection that uses a large number of users or groups, you may need to increase this memory allocation. Increased memory allocation is appropriate for systems with more than 100,000 users , each in 30 groups and 750 groups overall. For these system, VMware recommends increasing the Directories Management memory allocation to 6 GB.

Directories Management memory is calculated based on the total memory allocated to the vRealize Automation appliance The following table shows memory allocations for relevant components.

Table 1. vRealize Automation Appliance Memory Allocation

Virtual Appliance memory

vRA service memory

vIDM service memory

18 GB

3.3 GB

4 GB

24 GB

4.9 GB

6 GB

30 GB

7.4 GB

9.1 GB


These allocations assume that all default services are enabled and running on the virtual appliance. They may change if some services are stopped.


  • An appropriate Active Directory connection is configured and functioning on your vRealize Automation deployment.


  1. Stop each machine on which a vRealize Automation appliance is running.
  2. Increase the virtual appliance memory allocation on each machine.

    If you are using the default memory allocation of 18 GB, VMware recommends increasing the memory allocation to 24 GB.

  3. Restart the vRealize Automation appliance machines.