You can add, remove, or edit a network adapter.

You can change the following network settings during the machine reconfiguration process:

  • Add or remove NICs.

  • Allocate or release IP addresses for existing NICs.

  • Assign new IP addresses to NICs, provided that the network is not an on-demand NAT or on-demand routed network.

    You cannot reconfigure an on-demand routed or on-demand NAT network.

    Network reconfiguration requires that the source and target networks be selected in the reservation.

When you add NICs, IP addresses are allocated. When you remove NICs, IP addresses are released.

When you change network settings based on reservation and network profile information, the new network IP is assigned in vRealize Automation but the deployed machine is not updated at the endpoint with the new IP information. You must manually assign the IP to the machine after the reconfiguration process is finished.

Reconfiguring a virtual machine that is assigned to an on-demand network is not supported. You cannot reconfigure a NIC that is attached to an on-demand network. If you attempt to reconfigure an on-demand NAT or routed network, the error 'Original network [<network>] is not selected in the machine's reservation. is displayed, the networks on the machine remains intact, and IP addresses on the machine are unchanged.

Changing NSX network settings is not supported for deployments that were upgraded or migrated from vRealize Automation 6.2.x to this vRealize Automation release.


  1. Click the Network tab.
  2. (Optional) Add a network adapter.
    1. Click New Network Adapter.
    2. Select a network from the Network Path drop-down menu.

      All networks selected on the machine’s reservation are available.

    3. Type a static IP address for the network in the Address text box.

      The IP address must be unallocated in the network profile assigned in the reservation.

    4. Click the Save icon (Save).
  3. (Optional) Remove a network adapter.
    1. Locate the network adapter.
    2. Click the Delete icon (Delete).

    You cannot remove network adapter 0.

  4. (Optional) Edit a network adapter.
    1. Locate the network adapter.
    2. Click the Edit icon (Edit).
    3. Select a network from the Network Path drop-down menu.
    4. Click the Save icon (Save).

What to do next

Specify additional machine reconfiguration settings. If you have finished changing machine settings, start the machine reconfiguration request. See Execute the Requested Machine Reconfiguration.