Use the Application Branding page to apply custom branding to vRealize Automation tenant applications.

You can use default vRealize Automation branding on your user applications, or you can configure custom branding using the Application Branding page. This page enables you to configure branding on the header and footer of application pages. Note that custom branding applies in the same manner to all of your user applications.

The Application Branding page displays the currently implemented header or footer branding at the bottom of the page.


If you want to use a custom logo with your branding, you must have the logo image file available.


  1. Log in to vRealize Automation as a system or tenant administrator.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. Select Branding > Application Branding
  4. Click the Header tab if it is not already active.
  5. If you want to use the default vRealize Automation branding, click the Use Default check box.
  6. To implement custom branding, make the appropriate selections in the fields on the Header and Footer tabs.
    1. Click the Browse button in the Header Logo field, then navigate to the appropriate folder and select an logo image file.
    2. Type the appropriate company name in the Company name field.

      The specified name appears when a user mouses over the logo.

    3. Type the appropriate name into the Product name field.

      The name you enter here appears in the application header adjacent to the logo.

    4. Enter the appropriate hex color code for the application perimeter background color in the Background hex color field.

      Search the internet for a list of hex color codes if needed.

    5. Enter the appropriate hex code for the text color in the Text hex color field.

      Search the internet for a list of hex text color codes if needed.

    6. Click Next to activate the Footer tab.
    7. Type the desired statement into the Copyright notice field.
    8. Type the link to you company privacy policy statement in the Privacy policy link field.
    9. Type the desired company contact information in the Contact link field.
  7. Click Update to implement your branding configuration.


Tenant users see the custom branding on their application pages.