To make vRealize Automation REST API service calls, you can use a browser application or an HTTP client program to send requests and review responses.

REST Client Programs

Any client application that can send HTTPS requests is an appropriate tool for developing REST applications with the vRealize Automation API. The following open-source programs are commonly used:

  • cURL.

  • Postman application.

About the API Reference

The vRealize Automation API Reference lists all REST API service calls. It is provided as a Swagger document and is available in either of the following ways.

  • If vRealize Automation is installed, documentation is available with the product.

    • A list of general services

    • A list of installation and configuration services


    $vRA denotes an instance of vRealize Automation.

  • If vRealize Automation is not installed, documentation is available from the APIs section for the vRealize Automation API at VMware{code} or,

For information about using the vRealize Automation API Reference, see Viewing API Reference Information.