While the vRealize Automation API Reference contains a menu that lists all REST API service calls, it does not document use cases. The Programming Guide provides frequently used use cases including sample requests and responses.

The following REST API use cases provide the prerequisite, command line options and format, and sample results to help you perform a variety of vRealize Automation functions, such as requesting a machine or creating a reservation. Each includes service examples that provide syntax for the calls referenced in the use case.

curl is used for example requests. Request headers required by the API are included in example requests that are not fragments of a larger example. The variable $vRA represents the appliance name.domain name of the vRealize Automation server in all URLs.

Most example responses show only those elements and attributes that are relevant to the operation being discussed. Ellipses (...) indicate omitted content within response bodies.

Postman collections are not used in the API examples, but are available from the Code Samples section for the vRealize Automation API at VMware{code} or, https://code.vmware.com/apis/vrealize-automation.